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Dear Customers,

We would like to reassure you that Salvi Vivai remains fully operative, and that planned activities and deliveries will be guaranteed, following all the indications from the ministry with regard to prevention to safeguard health and contain the spread of the Covid 19 virus.


Although we are unable to predict how this complex situation will develop, we are all at your complete disposal to plan and meet your needs and/or requests.


We will inform you promptly of any updates.

Kind regards,


Salvi Vivai

Salvi Vivai

Salvi Vivai da cinquant’anni produce e vende piante di fragole, melo, pero, ciliegio e portinnesti di melo e pero. I Vivai sono conosciuti in Italia e a livello internazionale per la loro alta qualità e per l’innovazione costante grazie alla continua ricerca varietale.

Salvi Vivai Ricerca e Vendita di piante da frutto