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Salvi Vivai has been producing and selling strawberry plants, apple, pear and cherry trees and apple and pear rootstocks for decades. The nurseries are renowned in Italy and internationally for their high quality and constant innovation, thanks to its continuous research into its plant varieties.

With decades of experience gained in genetic experimentation and varietal innovation, Salvi Vivai has developed increasingly effective cultivation techniques compared to those used in the past. Innovation and experimentation are the two aspects that best represent the Ferrara-based company, which over the years has been able to win increasingly significant market shares. This has been achieved through constant investments, because Salvi Vivai strongly believes that investing in innovation and research is a winning element over time in order to respond suitably to the needs of producers and the market.

Salvi Vivai also has two production and distribution facilities abroad: in France, Salvi France ( and in Poland Giotto Polonia.
The “virus-free” certifications, highest quality of the plants and Salvi Vivai technical assistance have always guaranteed the reliability of the plants sold.

Salvi Vivai Ricerca e Vendita di piante da frutto